The ESSAR scam


What happens when the pillars of democracy i.e. the so called media houses themselves become corrupt? If you are thinking of giving the Radia tapes incident ( as an example, than that my dear friends is just the tip of the iceberg.

“India, the republic, is now on sale.” These were the exact words of OUTLOOK magazine when they exposed the Radia tapes and today with the ESSAR exposé these words sound nothing but true.

Ok, let me give you some insight to what this ESSAR scam is:

Albasit Khan an employer in ESSAR was made head of vigilance and security at the group’s corporate office in Mumbai in the year 2000 by its President Prashant Ruia. His duties were were auditing and screening of human resources in the company by “conducting surveillance by using the telecom and IT infrastructure of the company by interception, tapping and recording” and “passing the information regarding key officials like the chairman.

The Ruias, told Khan that since Essar was already a telecom licensee for cellular operations under the Hutchison Essar banner, the company was “required under its statutory obligations to support government investigations by intercepting and tapping such phones that are under government surveillance”.

The tapping operations were carried out from the ground floor and basement of Essar House in Mumbai and from the company’s guesthouse in Delhi.

However, All this would have never whistled out if it wasn’t for the forced resignation of Khan which happened in year 2011. Khan kept with himself a copy of all conversations from year 2000-2011 and now a portion of these copies has been made public. Several big names are under question, some of them are:

° Ambani brothers. Mukesh and Anil Ambani
° Late Pramod Mahajan, who is heard speaking about managing the Supreme Court of India in a conversations with the Ambani’s.
° Amar Singh
° Power Minister Piyush Goyal
° Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu
° UP governor Ram Naik

And these names are few among the list of many big names.

These conversations date back to NDA-I during the time of Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The most shocking fact is that even PMO’s phones were being tapped illegally. Khan decided to make these records public in year 2015 after a suspicious visit from a former colleague. He approached Uppal,former secretary of P.Chidambaram and with his help some of these records are now public.

Role of media:

As shocking as this news sounds, none of the media houses except India Today has till now reported this incident. As per twitter user A.Ranganathan


None of the media houses tweeted about this. None of them telecasted any news regarding this incident in their prime time.
As alleged in the tweet five indian news companies -NDTV, News Nation, India TV,News24 and Network18 are either indebted or owned by Mukesh Ambani. Why will they publish something against him?

Essar tapes provide an insight to the dirty nexus that exits between the top brass, Media Houses and financially powerful people. For so long now these financially powerful people have been trying to undermine the democracy, framing laws as per their need because hey, government is in their pocket. Has our system become too rotten? Is their any cure? Is their a person or authority that we can trust will do everything that’s beneficial for country even if it means going against the most powerful people out there? These are some hard hitting questions that we need to ask ourselves.

The OUTLOOK has also reported that these tapes have been handed over to Prime minister Mr. Modi who has assured them that he’ll look over them closely. Meanwhile both Essar and Reliance have rubbished the claims.

However, there are certain unanswered questions that remain. Why Mr Khan waited so long to make this information public? Why has only the portion of tapes from year 2000-2003 has been made public and not the rest? Is it that easy to tap a line of places like PMO?

Let’s hope the government sets up a fair & independent CBI inquiry to look into this matter.

Note: The information stated in this article is based on the orignal article published in the OUTLOOK magazine.


The Mathura Incident

“A country with a population of over 1 billion, more than one third of which are people below the age of 35 can become one of the strongest nation of the world if all of its citizens contribute towards a better society.”

The theory stated above , easily said than done. Right? Recent incidents across the country have shown that it is difficult for a country to progress if a section of society is intentionally causing hindrance towards development. I’m talking about the Mathura incident. For those of you who are unaware of what happened, let me give you guys a little insight to the incident.

The supporters of the organization known as the ‘Swadheen Bharat Vidhik Satyagrahi’ had encroached upon hundreds of acres of government land and were demonstrating at Jawahar Bagh since March 2014, resulting in a standoff with the administration. The people called themselves ‘Satyagrahis’ and assembled at Jawahar Bagh as part of a rally from Sagar in Madhya Pradesh which was supposed to terminate at Delhi. They were given a permission by the administration to demonstrate at the venue for two days, but the protesters refused to vacate the land. They also made the venue their headquarters and started operating the movement from there. It was only after the orders of high court that the police used force to take them out from the encroached bagh. The officials however had no idea that these people had unauthorized weapons with them. The necessary actions of the police led to a violence between the cops and the so called satyagrahies resulting in death of 24 people. 2 of which were brave police officials.

Some of the demands being made by this group were

Removal of the President and the Prime Minister.

Discontinuation of the Indian currency.

40 liter of petrol for Re one and 60 liter of diesel for Re one.

These hooligans were being led by this man.


He has been identified as Ramvriksh and has several criminal records against his name. Although police claims he was amongst the 24 dead, no official statement has yet been made.

The outcome of this violence has raised some very important questions.

Who was providing Ramvriksh political support?
In a state like UP for someone to survive 2 years despite capturing a huge amount of public property definitely means that a person has a strong political reach. It is however unlikely that a big fish will be caught in this incident.

Blame the media?
This is a question which might draw mixed responses but if the media had reported the case at a priority level before the violence took place it would have definitely made the government act faster.

Celebrity MP’s. Are they a good choice?
Instead of blaming Mrs Malini, the M.P. from Mathura we need to ponder over the question whether the celebrity MP’s are a good choice or not? I mean, sure they almost guarantee you a win but are they doing their duty towards people with full dedication? This is a question which has and will continue to haunt us for a long time.


For a nation to progress we need its citizens to be sensible. This incident shows what clearly is wrong with some sections of the society. The only solution here is education of masses. The better educated the people are, more they will contribute towards building a better society. As citizens we also need to be pro active, this is the only way we can make the government reliable.

UNADULTERATED VIEWS: The most talked about event in recent past Modi’s Pakistan visit. Here’s a transcript of the phone call that led to the visit.

Disclaimer: The following article is a satire. If you are easily offended then please don’t read further.Any relation with the living or dead is purely coincidental.

Modi: Hello Mr Sharif. How are you?

Sharif : I’m good. Hope you are also doing great.

Modi: Yes I’m doing good, btw happy birthday Mr Sharif.

Sharif: Thank you Mr. Modi for your warm wishes.

Modi: You are welcome. Although i also wished you via twitter but you didn’t reply.

Sharif: Actually the WiFi isn’t working today, the signal tower was blown in a terrorist attack two days ago.

Modi: How on earth are you living without internet access? You know Yo Yo Honey Singh launched his new song exclusively on YouTube yesterday and i downloaded it immediately. Man you don’t know what you are missing..!!

Sharif: Stop teasing me Mr Modi. You know that I’m biggest fan of Yo Yo. He is a music legend. The real rap god. I’m sure he’ll win a Grammy this year.

Modi: Hahaha..!! Perhaps on your next visit to India we can have a private concert of Yo Yo.

Sharif: That would be awesome except for the fact that I’m not as lucky as you when it comes to visiting foreign countries. The fear of ISI overthrowing my government is always there whenever i visit another country.

Modi: Yes. Although I’m yet to cross off Pakistan from my travel wish list.

Sharif: Why don’t you come and visit us today? I heard that you are nearby in Kabul.

Modi: That’s a fantastic idea..!!

Sharif: Yes, even Barkha, Rajdeep & Sagarika would be nothing but surprised.

Modi: That’s great, I would love that. Let me make the travel arrangements. See you Mr PM.

Sharif: Our country is glad that you are coming.

Sharif to himself: Yes..!! Finally i’ll watch the new release of Yo Yo on Modi’s phone.


                     (At Lahore airport)